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How Your Money Can Make a Difference with Felecia Froe

September 20th, 2022

Can money be invested to make a difference? Can we work to close the gender-wealth gap through investing? 

Our guest in this episode, Felecia Froe MD, tells us from experience that there are a lot of ways to make a difference with money. Founder of Money With Mission, an investment company focused on empowering professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom through social impact investing, Felecia tells us about some of the projects she’s invested in. She also tells us about her own journey: from MD to impact investor. 

If you are looking for ways on how to bridge the wealth gap and how to invest while helping the community at the same time, this episode is for you! 

Enjoy listening! 

What we learned from Felecia Froe in this episode:

  • What does “true wealth” mean to Felecia?
  • Money With Mission — an investment company that provides opportunity to take control of your finances by building wealth that outlives you. 
  • What is Tulsa’s Project Oasis grocery store? (... a look at its noble purpose in the community.)
  • Why is there a financial-gap between men and women? (... let’s hear Felecia’s thoughts and her solution on how we can bridge the gap.) 
  • When it comes to the true wealth factor, are there significant differences in wealth between men and women? (... let’s hear what Felecia has to say.)
  • Battle of confidence: what’s the difference between men and women’s confidence? 
  • What can men do to help women bridge the wealth gap?

Success Quotes:

“Women are better or have more experience in building community and that collaboration, or at least cooperation kind of community work.” -Felecia Froe

“Mistakes are the way you learn.” -Felecia Froe

“Questions are the way to learn anything, if you have no idea where to start.” -Felecia Froe

“Working together to build the things that we need in this world to make it the place that it should be.” -Felecia Froe


00:00 - Intro

00:59 - Felecia shares a little of her career journey.

02:34 - What does “true wealth” mean to Felecia? 

06:47 - Money With Mission — Felecia talks about the birth of her noble investment company. 

09:30 - How does Money With Mission operate and help people? 

13:52 - Grocery store in the desert — Felecia talks about their latest project “FreshRX food as medicine program”. 

17:50 -  Felecia shares her experience of being an MD while in the investment space and being a woman of color.

22:08 - Felecia talks about her chapter in the book “Ignite the Hunger in You: How to Develop Your Greatness and Ignite Humanity”. 

23:32 - How can we manage the imbalance in equity-gap? Felecia shares an interesting advice to women to help them build more financial abundance and true wealth.

27:47 - Financial gap — Felecia provides her insights about the imbalance of this among men and women. 

30:39 - Is there a wealth disparity in terms of the true wealth factor?

32:29 - Felecia offers her thoughts about men and women confidence.

34:48 - How should men help women to bridge the gap in financial wealth? 

36:44 - Felecia shares her final thoughts about women and health, and ways to connect with her. 


Ignite the Hunger in You: How to Develop Your Greatness and Ignite Humanity: 

Connect with Felecia Froe:



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How to Lose a Scarcity Mindset with Leisa Peterson

September 6th, 2022

According to National Women's Law Center analysis, women’s labor force participation was 57.0 percent in February 2021. Before the pandemic, the last time women’s labor force participation had been this low was in 1988. Women lost more than 12.2 million jobs from February 2020 through April 2020, 11.3 million of which were in April alone, which means one month of the pandemic’s losses wiped out nearly an entire decade of women’s job gains since the Great Recession.

Given these statistics, is there a way for women to stop the feeling of powerlessness about money and shift out of the scarcity mindset?

Yes, there definitely is! Join us in this episode as we have an open conversation with Leisa Peterson, Business Strategist, Money Coach, Author of the book “The Mindful Millionaire”, of how women can transition from scarcity mindset to abundance, how to unlock their wealth and unleash their fullest potential to finally walk the path of true wealth. 

Enjoy listening! 

What we learned from Leisa Peterson in this episode:

- What does “true wealth” mean to Leisa? 

- From scarcity mindset to abundance — How to break the cycle of fear, grief, and shame that often surrounds your money habits.

- How to finally overcome your scarcity mindset. (... a look at Leisa’s inspiring personal experience.) 

- The biggest challenge that women face in wealth building. (... and how to resolve it!) 

- The relationship between historical self worth and the current financial situation.

- Mindful Millionaire — What makes this book unique and how can you become a "Mindful Millionaire"?

- How scarcity becomes tunneling?

- How can men help to bridge the gender wealth gap?

Success Quotes:

“Women culturally have not been empowered by the condition systems to comfortably ask for what we want.”

“Separation is scarcity.”

“What mindfulness does is it changes the way we're thinking about money on the planet.”

“It's helpful to have people outside of yourself who aren't stuck in that same dynamic, who have a different perspective to communicate and connect.”


00:00 - Intro

01:14 - Leisa shares the three phases of her life – how her scarcity mindset helps her build her wealth and how it helps people. 

05:42 - What does “true wealth” mean to Leisa? 

08:40 - Our fundamental processes and beliefs create the basis for a healthy financial mindset — what’s the biggest challenge that women face specifically? 

11:17 - From scarcity mindset to abundance: Leisa gives us a direct example of her mindset shift. 

14:54 - Leisa shares her experience on how she finally breakthroughs from a scarcity mindset. 

18:36 -  Is there a difference between the United States and other countries in terms of scarcity of financial resources?

21:54 - Leisa unpacks the relationship between historical self worth and the current financial situation. 

24:00 - Leisa talks about her book, Mindful Millionaire

26:38 - What does Mindful Millionaire really mean? 

28:00 - Leisa talks about her “I PROSPER” process. 

29:50 - How scarcity becomes tunneling and why is that problematic?

35:01 - Leisa offers her advice for people who are facing different kinds of stressful financial situations. 

39:01 - How do we empower people that are on the losing end of the struggle to rise up?

44:15 - How should men help women to bridge the wealth gap? 

47:39 - Outro 


Mindful Millionaire book: 

National Women's Law Center analysis: 

Connect with Leisa Peterson:



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How to Feel Worthy of Wealth - Why Women Struggle with Financial Stability

August 23rd, 2022

We talk a lot about the wage-gap, but what about the wealth-gap? Financial independence eludes many women even beyond the wage-gap. The effects of this disparity ripple outward not only to women, but also to their families and communities. 

What levers can we pull on to address this? 

Join us for this episode with Nancy Levin, best-selling author, master life coach, founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, and host of Your Permission Prescription Podcast. She talks to us about the real key to creating financial freedom for women: helping them feel worthy of abundance to create greater financial power.

Enjoy listening! 

What we learned from Nancy Levin in this episode:

- What does “true wealth” mean for Nancy Levin? 

- How to set clear and healthy boundaries? (... a sneak peek of Nancy’s book, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free

- How to put yourself first (without neglecting others). 

- The importance of boosting your self-worth in growing your net worth.

- How to manage distractions, find stillness, and thrive in your path of wealth-building. 

- Why is financial independence important for women? (... plus, the key strategies and methods on how to achieve it!) 

- In what ways can men help women in wealth-building?

Success Quotes:

“I believe that boundaries really are the scaffolding that allow us to curate and create the life that we most want to live.” -Nancy Levin

“I do believe having really clear boundaries allows us to experience true wealth.” -Nancy Levin


00:00 - Intro

01:04 - Nancy talks about her life’s journey. 

03:19 - What does “true wealth” mean for Nancy Levin?

05:16 - How can we set clear and healthy boundaries?

08:44 - Nancy discusses how we can organize our priorities even when the world is coming at us. 

12:18 - Nancy speaks about how we can effectively handle requests. 

16:20 - Self worth and boundaries: How does that translate into wealth?

20:44 - Male versus Female confidence: Why is there an imbalance in the investment world? 

25:34 - Nancy talks about her new book and the importance of narrative in wealth building. 

31:16 - How can we unleash the power to take responsibility? 

33:40 - What is that one thing that women could focus on to bridge the wealth gap?

41:41 - Ways to connect with Nancy Levin.


The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness:

Connect with Nancy Levin:


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Women’s Networks–A Way to Bridge the Wealth Gap?

August 9th, 2022

A sense of belonging–community–is an important part of well-being, but it can also be a big part of succeeding financially. Liza Rogers, founder of the WREN (Women's Real Estate Network) in Canada, strongly believes this. Connecting with others, achieving our goals, and feeling safe and secure can all be achieved through being part of a community — it is indeed an ultimate ingredient to the path of “true wealth”. 

Globally, women-only networks are becoming more prevalent. As women have historically been excluded from “male” business networks that are tied to wealth-building, pioneers like Liza have begun to take the initiative and started their own networks.

Liza didn’t stop there, however. Editor of the new book Ordinary to Extraordinary, she collected and published the life-stories of some of the top women in the Canadian Real Estate space. 

Says Liza: “It’s by seeing the spectrum of what is possible that we lift each other up.” 

In this episode, Liza talks to us about the importance of a community as a wealth-building platform that educates, informs, advocates for, and fuels women to action through collaborative real estate affiliations and alliances. 

Enjoy listening! 

What we learned from Liza Rogers in this episode:

- The birth of WREN — get to know its origin and noble purpose. 

- What is "true wealth"? (... a look at Liza's view of what true wealth is.) 

- The power of your mindset — turning ordinary to extraordinary. 

- The benefits of having a supportive and united community.

- Women's share of regional wealth… is it going better? 

- Women and wealth — how real estate investing can become a wealth-building platform for women. 

- How to start in real estate investing. (... discover the things that you need to know to get started in real estate investing.) 

Success Quotes:

“We all need to recognize that, we need to let men be men, and we need to let women be women.” -Liza Rogers

“The less fear we have in the world, the more knowledge and respect we have for each other, the stronger we all get to move forward, and the better world we're gonna have.” -Liza Rogers 

“There is enough for everybody, we have abundance. We waste so much, we waste time, we waste money, and we waste resources.” -Liza Rogers 

“Don't be afraid to get started.” -Liza Rogers

“Surround yourself with great people, don't do it alone and just start taking action.” -Liza Rogers


00:00 - Intro

01:28 - Liza talks about her life journey — the birth of WREN and her real estate investing career. 

04:01 - Liza defines “true wealth” in its truest sense. 

10:58 - How mindset and a good community can change everything. 

14:16 - Liza talks about her arduous journey and how she conquered it. 

17:03 - Liza discusses some of the challenges women face when it comes to building wealth and investing.

22:41 - Liza highlights the importance of recognizing and respecting each community. 

27:32 - Liza provides an overview about the story behind her book “From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Success Stories from Women Investing in Real Estate”. 

32:13 - Liza explains why she chose real estate investing.

34:45 - Liza shares her insights on women's share of regional wealth. 

36:36 - Liza discusses the numerous advantages of networking in real estate investing.

44:54 - Liza talks about the difference between passive and active investing in real estate. 

48:02 - Liza shares her advice for women who are hesitant to take the plunge into the world of real estate investing.

51:35 - Outro

About the guest:

Liza Rogers, founder of WREN (Women's Real Estate Network), a wide network of ambitious, talented women who are aligned in their values and dreams for a better future - for themselves and their families.

Connect with Liza Rogers:



From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Success Stories from Women Investing in Real Estate: 

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Can We Change Financial Wealth Through Story-Telling? Interview w/ Rebecca Walker

July 26th, 2022

Does story-telling have the power to change things? Each of us has a unique personal narrative. A story can change the way we view the world, allowing us to see different perspectives or reframe our own experiences.

Can story-telling help us rewrite our finances? Can we develop a different relationship to wealth and money through the narratives we tell ourselves?

In this episode, our guest Rebecca Walker, an award-winning writer, feminist, and activist, tells us about the power of story-telling and argues that it can contribute to the global conversation about race, gender, power, and the evolution of the human family.

Enjoy listening! 

What we learned from Rebecca Walker in this episode:

- Rebecca on "True Wealth". 

- The book “Women Talk Money” — A fearless and vivid anthology of essays exploring how money impacts women.

- Women and wealth (... exploring your relationship to money, who you are, and what your relationship to wealth is.) 

- The art of writing new narratives that support your aspirations to live your life in alignment with your true feelings, beliefs, and values.

- Does trauma impact our ability to function?

- How do stories around wealth impact men? (a closer look at men and wealth)

- Putting your mind to work: How to achieve “true wealth” through the dharma 

Success Quotes:

“I believe that changing the story of our culture is as important as changing the story of our personal lives and that they're actually inextricable.” -Rebecca

“Whether it's around race or gender or class or power, you have an intrinsic sense that you can write your own destiny that you can change the dominant story”  -Rebecca

“I do think it is our responsibility to reject scripts that have been written on our bodies, and to write new ones.” -Rebecca


00:00 - Intro

02:01 - Rebecca speaks about her definition of “true wealth” in its truest sense. 

05:32 - Rebecca discusses the contents of her book, “Women Talk Money”. 

10:07 - Exploring how trauma impacts our ability to function — urging our traumatized and injured DNA to change.

13:28 - The origin of Rebecca's ideas. (... Her superpower,  journey in life, and spiritual realization.)

22:33 - Rebecca speaks about the idea of personal responsibility. 

26:08 - Rebecca talks about men and wealth. 

29:29 - Rebecca addresses the idea of not giving up in her battles and her spiritual awakening when she turned to Buddhism. 

37:40 - The power of your mind — making things achievable through proper mindset. 

43:14 - Rebecca explains the Epistemic responsibility: How to rewrite your story in a very meaningful way. 

48:00 - Outro

About the guest:

Rebecca Walker has contributed to the global conversation about race, gender, power, and the evolution of the human family for three decades. Since graduating from Yale, she has authored and edited seven bestselling books on subjects ranging from intergenerational feminism and multiracial identity to Black Cool and ambivalent motherhood, and written dozens of articles on topics as varied as Barack Obama’s masculinity, the work of visual artist Ana Mendieta, and the changing configuration of the American family. 

Connect with Rebecca Walker:


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Do Women Get Cut Out of Wealth-Building? Introducing Season 3

July 12th, 2022

It’s a wrap! Here’s the final episode for season 2 of The Mindful Wealth podcast. But don’t worry, we’re still here! 


We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of the possible future episodes of season 3:


What to expect? 


We have seen a significant increase in female leadership throughout the world, especially in business, finance, and even real estate. Women are starting to break through, achieving high levels of success across a broad range of industries.


There will be women experts in many fields and we will find out how they overcame inequalities and broke through boundaries to find true wealth.


It will be a jam-packed season dedicated to Women and Wealth.


Enjoy listening! 


What we learned from Jonathan DeYoe and Terrie Schauer in this episode:

- What you need to know about upcoming episodes!

- Guests to appear in upcoming episodes.

- Can we expect Jordan Peterson-like episodes? 



00:00 - Intro

00:51 - Terrie talks about the possible upcoming topics based on the previous episodes.

05:15 - Jonathan and Terrie talk about different economic cycles. 

08:31 - Jonathan talks about individual responsibility. 

10:09 - Can we expect Jordan Peterson-like episodes? 

11:26 - Terrie and Jonathan share themes they would like to unpack in the upcoming season. 

14:56 - Types of guests who are most likely to appear on upcoming episodes.

16:28 - Outro 

What Do Lost Jobs & Rising Gas Prices Have in Common? High-lights from Season 2

June 28th, 2022
As season 2 of The Mindful Wealth Podcast comes to a close, we’ll break down each of the major topics that were raised by our respected guests. What did we learn from them? What is our big “Aha!” moment? How did these topics broaden our thinking and shift our perspective?

You won't want to miss this two-part episode as we look back and reflect on these revolutionary and thought-provoking topics that will lead you on the path of discovering what "True Wealth" truly means as we wrap up the second season.

Enjoy listening! 
What we learned from Jonathan DeYoe and Terrie Schauer in this episode:
- A quick look at the season's 2 highlights.
- Jonathan and Terrie’s major “Aha!” moments. 
- How season 2 seasoned their thinking and broadened their perspective about true wealth.
- Some of the major topics raised by guests made a significant impact. 
Success Quotes:
“We need to have respect for the equilibrium that we have built so delicately over the last 200 years.” -Terrie
“We go forward with as much information as we can gather, and we go forward learning new things, and then we make some decisions.” -Jonathan 
00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Jonathan shared a quick recap of the season's 2 highlights.
02:57 - Here is Terrie's first takeaway from this season.
05:30 - Terrie talks about the episode with Reagan about social division. 
06:53 - The next “Aha!” moment for Terrie. 
08:46 - Jonathan and Terrie talk about their “Aha!” moments. 
13:50 - What does it mean if you are on the losing end of the post industrial economy?
15:23 - Terrie looks back on her final “Aha!” moments from this season. 
18:33  - Jonathan talks about his major “Aha!” moment — the episode with Robert Frank. 
22:20 - Terrie and Jonathan talk about the topic raised by Efosa Ojomo. 
26:21 - Jonathan’s concluding words to wrap the end of season 2. 
26:55 - Terrie’s concluding words to wrap the end of season 2. 
28:53 - Outro
Connect with Us:
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Is the MODERN ECONOMY a Plantation System ? — Paul Knowlton and Aaron Hedges Part 2

June 14th, 2022
Here is the second episode where we continue the discussion with Aaron Hedges and Paul Knowlton on how we can achieve the idea that is thought “unachievable” in our current capitalist society. 

Throughout the episode, they will go beyond the tip of the iceberg and go into depth about ideas and actions we can execute in order to take care of this seemingly impenetrable problem of capitalism and walk to the path of “true wealth”.

Enjoy listening! 

What we learned from Aaron Hedges and Paul Knowlton in this episode:
  • The Litmus Test that the book “Better Capitalism” offers. 
  • The Four different economic arenas — How can “Better Capitalism” be achieved? 
  • How can you achieve your personal wealth, personal advancement, and ambitions through partnership economics? 
  • The Prisoner's Dilemma in capitalism. 
  • How can we achieve mutual partnership in big corporations? 
  • What is a sovereign wealth fund? 
Success Quotes:
"I think we're all trapped, whether we recognize it or not, we're all trapped in this system.” - Paul Knowlton
“Hopefully, both people are transparent enough that we can have that open dialogue about needs and interests and how we can mutually benefit each other.” - Paul Knowlton
“Find the value that's there and bring others along with you.“ - Aaron Hedges
00:00 - Intro
01:55 - Paul tells a story that marked the turning point in his life.
06:59 - Aaron and Paul describe the basic principles of partnership economics.
14:42 - Aaron and Paul deep dive into how everyone can benefit through partnership economics. 
22:08 - Aaron and Paul discuss how the prisoner's dilemma can be resolved for everyone through mutual partnership. 
31:03 - Aaron and Paul elaborate on how big corporations can drive away from the concept of “Capitalist Society”. 
36:38 - Paul talks about the feedback that they’re receiving from their book.
38:19 - What does the sovereign wealth fund concept entail?  
41:39 - Aaron and Paul did a little touch base about the basic income. 
About the Guests:
Paul Knowlton, JD, MDiv, Engineer. Lawyer. Entrepreneur. Theologian. 
He is also the co-author of the business ethics book Better Capitalism (May 2021; Wipf and Stock) and invites you to visit the website for more information. 
Aaron Hedges
CEO of Inheritance of Hope | Co-Author of Better Capitalism | Entrepreneu
Connect with Aaron Hedges here: 

Connect with Paul Knowlton here: 

Connect with Us:
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What does “Better Capitalism” Look Like?

May 31st, 2022

What Does “Better Capitalism” look like? With Aaron Hedges and Paul Knowlton 1/2
The authors of the book "Better Capitalism", Aaron Hedges and Paul Knowlton, suggest that true wealth should be achieved by providing equal opportunities for one and all, without resorting to a system where an individual's success depends on the poverty of another. 

Through this challenge in seeking a fair society without exploitation of a capitalist society, Aaron and Paul will boldly layout the things that we can do in order to achieve this triumph. 

It's a two-part episode so don't miss out!

Enjoy listening! 

Do We Live in a “Winner Take All” Society?

May 17th, 2022

Part II with Robert H Frank, Find Part I here

This episode focuses one of his central arguments: that growing wealth disparities are basically inefficient and lead to an arms-race of socially useless spending. In his book, The Darwin Economy, Robert H Frank argues that wealth increases of the middle classes have – since the 70s – basically fueled an arms race for bigger houses, school fees, and conspicuous consumption on consumer goods.

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