The Mindful Wealth Podcast

Learn how to close the gap between the rat race and true wealth. The Mindful Wealth Podcast is about making meaningful mental improvements to manifest an exponentially richer life. Discover the secret to security, tools to beating bigger-is-better thinking, and tips to mindful success, holistic wealth, and financial freedom.

About this Podcast

Dissatisfied that the current money conversation focuses on bigger, better, faster and more at the expense of all else, your hosts explore the hows and whys of making money mindfully. This podcast is a giant zoom out from current investment-speak. Jonathan and Terrie interview experts in personal finance, economics, real estate, psychology, ethics, and spirituality to highlight an approach to personal financial success that also cultivates personal happiness and community well-being. They bring you mentors and thought leaders, recommended reading, daily habits, and thought processes, striking a balance between intellectual exercise and practical application.

In doing so, the podcast makes the following three commitments:

- To The Big Picture : Western investment orthodoxy views economic activity as something distinct from everything else. Too often, there's a narrow focus on one aspect of life (money) as if it were located outside of history, outside of ethics, and apart from human wellbeing; as if wealth creation could happen away from our lives and from those of the people around us. The Mindful Wealth podcast takes the view that everything is connected to everything else. Our perspective on money-making is macro. We want to put our economic habits back inside history, psychology, spirituality, well-being and community.

- To Long-Form Conversation : Your hosts want an antidote to the Twitterization of public discourse. On The Mindful Wealth Podcast, experts speak in long form. They have enough time to develop their arguments and present their data. No soundbites here. We practice long-form discussion and debate.

- To Breaking the Echo Chamber : While the podosphere does allow for some long-form discussion, as a medium podcasting risks having people withdraw more and more into echo chambers of the like-minded. When opposing opinions do surface in the Podcast world, they’re often as straw men. Your hosts commit to questioning guests from ideologically diverse perspectives. Mindful Wealth is committed to testing arguments and ideas, not virtue signaling to the like-minded.

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