The Mindful Wealth Podcast

Learn how to close the gap between the rat race and true wealth. The Mindful Wealth Podcast is about making meaningful mental improvements to manifest an exponentially richer life. Discover the secret to security, tools to beating bigger-is-better thinking, and tips to mindful success, holistic wealth, and financial freedom.

About Terrie

Author, Coach, Podcast Host

Terrie has been investing, managing, selling and buying rental property for 20 years. With a PhD in Communications, a Masters in Women's Studies (Oxford University) and a Bachelors in Philosophy (University of Toronto), her interests aren't limited to Real Estate. Terrie's first book Mindful Landlord, was released by Insomniac Press in 2019. She writes about doing Real Estate in as zen a way possible. In Mindful Landlord, she argues that with the ultimate prize of the landlord's life is not a dollar sign or a monopoly board full of properties, but a full existence free of financial worry.

In Topsy-turvy 2020, Terrie has become fascinated with the macro-economic structural change and cultural shifts that are taking place. To make sense of the new world for herself and her clients, Terrie co-hosts two podcasts. The Real Estate Investor's Club Podcast is more narrowly focused on investing in rental property, specifically in Canada. Her other Podcast, the Mindful Wealth Podcast (in collaboration with author Jonathan K. DeYoe), approaches macro- and philosophical issues around building wealth in the early 21st century.

When she's not doing investing, Terrie is either with her family or at the gym.  Two-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion, she runs the only female Jiu Jitsu team in Canada in her home town of Montreal. 

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