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Incremental Improvements w/ Mike Brodsky

November 24th, 2020
Small choices add up. Financial planner Mike Brodsky, author of the book Incremental Improvements, tells us how the micro-decisions we live by determine our quality of life and our capacity to attain our goals.
Gaining or losing 40lbs or becoming a millionaire (without relying on the lottery) are massive achievements that take many, many small decisions that (usually) accrue over a period of years. How can we stay on track to reap the benefits of tiny virtuous increments?
Join Terrie and Jonathan for this conversation with Mike Brodsky, as they unpack the incredible power of baby-steps.
List of topics/questions
  • why write a book called “Incremental Improvements”?
  • Is there an opposition between making small imperceptible “virtuous” choices and giving in to instant gratification?
  • How can we overcome instant gratification to make incremental improvements?
  • How important is awareness in making incremental lifestyle changes?
  • How aligned are mindfulness and incremental improvements in investment behaviour?
  • Are incremental improvements connected across facets of life? If we want to improve our relationships or their financial picture, should we start with improvements in daily health habits for example?
  • Is there a compounding effect of these incremental improvements? The idea that small improvements stack.
  • Is time the forgotten variable in evaluating our long-term goals with respect to our micro-habits?
  • How important is tracking when it comes to fostering incremental improvement?
  • The pandemic has made staying on track with personal goals difficult. Any advice on how to keep improving under such circumstances? Or, at least, how do we not let virtuous habits slide?
Biography: Mike Brodsky is a Financial Advisor, author, and speaker.  He previously worked as a television news producer for the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, and as a producer for America’s Health Network.  He’s a graduate of Yale University and the M.B.A. program at Duke, and currently serves as the President of the Yale Alumni Association of Central Florida and the All-Ivy Club of Central Florida.  Mike is the Vice-Chairman of The Mustard Seed of Central Florida, a member of the Business Board of Directors for World Sports Alumni, the President of the Jewish Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Team Selection Committee for Florida Citrus Sports.  He has previously served as a board member for the JCC of Greater Orlando, Distinguished Young Women of Florida, the Center for Memory Disorders, and the Orlando International Fringe Festival.  His book, Incremental Improvements: Change Your Life One Small Step At A Time, was number one on Amazon’s Personal Transformation list. His next book, 4th Down and DAMN: A Lineman’s Story, The Autobiography of Leon Searcy, as told by Mike Brodsky, launches November 22nd.
Links to Mike Brodsky’s social media:
Twitter: @MikeBrodskyFL
(Download “Incremental Improvements: Change Your Life One Small Step At A Time” for free at this website above.)
To buy the paperback or Kindle version of the book, visit here
To pre-order Mike’s new book, visit:
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