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Meaning Good, Existential Vacuum Bad: Interview with Dr. Dan Franz on Wealth, Meaning & Logotherapy

November 24th, 2020
How important is meaning? Are ambition and the quest for wealth inherently selfish? Can we practice achievement in a way that is meaningful and for the benefit of others?
In this conversation, logotherapist Dr. Dan Franz introduces us to the field of meaning-based psychotherapy. Dr. Dan gives tips on how we can lead more meaningful lives, while developing ourselves and pursuing goals such as wealth and success.
In this episode:
  • Dr. Dan introduces himself 1:30
  • Explanation of the psychotherapy of meaning or Logotherapy 2.30
  • Application of Logotherapy in everyday life. How the experience of meaning makes life better. 5.20
  • Will to Meaning as different from the search for pleasure (Freud) or power (Nietzsche/Foucault/Adler).7.40
  • Intersection of wealth, success, happiness, achievement and meaning. meaning and "the good life". 12.08
  • Dr. Dan’s  recommended reading list. top books to read on the logotherapy 14.45
  • How to use Meaning as a way of coping With the pandemic. 22.05
  • The search for meaning and religion or spirituality.  19.30
  • Explanation of Meaning based Leadership. low hanging fruit a leader can implement in a movement towards being more Meaning Based. 24.40
  • Meaning, rights and responsibility 29.41
  • How to put responsibility back into our concept of citizenship 31.55
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