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Learn how to close the gap between the rat race and true wealth. The Mindful Wealth Podcast is about making meaningful mental improvements to manifest an exponentially richer life. Discover the secret to security, tools to beating bigger-is-better thinking, and tips to mindful success, holistic wealth, and financial freedom.

Meaning Good, Existential Vacuum Bad: Interview with Dr. Dan Franz on Wealth, Meaning & Logotherapy

November 24th, 2020
How important is meaning? Are ambition and the quest for wealth inherently selfish? Can we practice achievement in a way that is meaningful and for the benefit of others?
In this conversation, logotherapist Dr. Dan Franz introduces us to the field of meaning-based psychotherapy. Dr. Dan gives tips on how we can lead more meaningful lives, while developing ourselves and pursuing goals such as wealth and success.
In this episode:
  • Dr. Dan introduces himself 1:30
  • Explanation of the psychotherapy of meaning or Logotherapy 2.30
  • Application of Logotherapy in everyday life. How the experience of meaning makes life better. 5.20
  • Will to Meaning as different from the search for pleasure (Freud) or power (Nietzsche/Foucault/Adler).7.40
  • Intersection of wealth, success, happiness, achievement and meaning. meaning and "the good life". 12.08
  • Dr. Dan’s  recommended reading list. top books to read on the logotherapy 14.45
  • How to use Meaning as a way of coping With the pandemic. 22.05
  • The search for meaning and religion or spirituality.  19.30
  • Explanation of Meaning based Leadership. low hanging fruit a leader can implement in a movement towards being more Meaning Based. 24.40
  • Meaning, rights and responsibility 29.41
  • How to put responsibility back into our concept of citizenship 31.55
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Incremental Improvements w/ Mike Brodsky

November 24th, 2020
Small choices add up. Financial planner Mike Brodsky, author of the book Incremental Improvements, tells us how the micro-decisions we live by determine our quality of life and our capacity to attain our goals.
Gaining or losing 40lbs or becoming a millionaire (without relying on the lottery) are massive achievements that take many, many small decisions that (usually) accrue over a period of years. How can we stay on track to reap the benefits of tiny virtuous increments?
Join Terrie and Jonathan for this conversation with Mike Brodsky, as they unpack the incredible power of baby-steps.
List of topics/questions
  • why write a book called “Incremental Improvements”?
  • Is there an opposition between making small imperceptible “virtuous” choices and giving in to instant gratification?
  • How can we overcome instant gratification to make incremental improvements?
  • How important is awareness in making incremental lifestyle changes?
  • How aligned are mindfulness and incremental improvements in investment behaviour?
  • Are incremental improvements connected across facets of life? If we want to improve our relationships or their financial picture, should we start with improvements in daily health habits for example?
  • Is there a compounding effect of these incremental improvements? The idea that small improvements stack.
  • Is time the forgotten variable in evaluating our long-term goals with respect to our micro-habits?
  • How important is tracking when it comes to fostering incremental improvement?
  • The pandemic has made staying on track with personal goals difficult. Any advice on how to keep improving under such circumstances? Or, at least, how do we not let virtuous habits slide?
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Terrie Interviews Co-Host Jonathan DeYoe

November 24th, 2020
Why do we financialize everything? Why start a podcast about success, wealth and mindfulness at the present moment? How do we define wealth?
In Episode 2 of the Mindful Wealth Podcast, Terrie interviews co-host Jonathan DeYoe. On the menu: his motivations for starting the podcast and an account of wealth, success, and "the good life" from the author of the best-selling book Mindful Money.


Jonathan K. DeYoe CPWA ® AIF ® is a 25 year veteran of the financial services world with a previous life studying comparative religion, psychology, and Buddhist phenomenology. He is an angel investor, and the author of the best-selling book, Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Realizing Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend.

He is the founder and president of Mindful Money, a firm focused on financial literacy education, personal financial planning, and investment management services.

As a keynote speaker and educator, Jonathan’s message brings a welcome sense of order to financial chaos. He wants to restore a calm center to your financial life. He is a daily exerciser and meditator and he recommends a good night’s sleep, good food, and plenty of water as a good start towards financial fitness.


Jonathan Interviews Co-Host Terrie Schauer

November 16th, 2020
In the first episode of the Mindful Wealth Podcast, Jonathan DeYoe interviews co-host Terrie Schauer about her motivation for starting the podcast. Your hosts discuss personal responsibility and levelling the playing field; female role models; ambition, success and money as a metric and, finally, what is the "good life".
Join Terrie & Jonathan for this show about wealth in its human- and social context.
Show notes / Interview Questions
- 2:10 : Terrie introduces herself & explains her background in Real Estate, academia and martial arts.
- 4:09 : The state of the Real Estate industry & how it made Terrie want to start a Podcast.
- 4:40 : Podcasting as the antidote to the twitterization of everything.
- 6:54 : Wealth & success as part of the big human picture.
- 8.40 : Definitions of wealth and success.
- 9.40 : Money as a metric. Ambition and "winning" at making money.
- 10.45 / 17:10 : What is the "good life"?
- 13:00 : Wealth creation in the context of a social fabric.
- 17.45 : Happiness & growth. Meaning as a way of confronting adversity
- 21.00 : Wealth creation & social context: levelling the playing field & personal responsibility
- 23.00 : Methodology for success.
- 28.22 / 33.05 : Role models. Lack of female mentors for success.
You can find Terrie at and on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Her book Mindful Landlord is available on Amazon. You can also subscribe to her weekly newsletter here.
Books cited - Paulo Coelho : The Alchemist ; Dan Millman : Peaceful Warrior ; Pat Barker : The Silence of Girls  
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